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About Envirotek

Who Is Envirotek?

Hello and thank you for considering Envirotek Forestry. My name is Michael Ederer and my interest in natural resources began while growing up enjoying the outdoor recreational activities that abound in Sauk County. After high school I served 3 years on active duty in the US Army. Following my military service I pursued my interest in forest management at the University of Wisconsin – Madison. In 2003 I earned a degree there, focusing on Forest Ecology. Since graduation I have been working as a consulting forester in southern Wisconsin. Initially, I started my career as an employee at another forestry consulting firm. Later, In 2010 I started Envirotek Forestry Consulting, LLC.

I still love pursuing outdoor activities in my spare time. The difference now is I have my beautiful wife and 3 wonderful children to share everything the forests of Wisconsin have to offer.

What Is Envirotek?

Envirotek Forestry is a professional, independent forestry consulting firm offering a complete package of scientifically based forestry services. All services are designed specifically to enhance and preserve your natural resource in terms of forest health, wildlife habitat, and future timber values. We understand your land is one of your largest investments; therefore, we strive to integrate your specific goals with the best available science in sustainable forestry management. Our long-term management philosophy focuses on the preservation and enhancement of your valuable natural resource.

Proper resource management implemented by a professional, independent consulting forester will maximize your chances for maintaining a healthy, vibrant and valuable natural resource.

Why Hire Envirotek?

Envirotek Forestry is a professional, independent consulting firm not affiliated with any other business in the wood using industry. This is a major benefit to our clients, and their natural resource, because it shifts the focus of the consulting forester from a wood procurement driven objective, to one that is driven first and foremost by the management goals you have for you valuable natural resource.

Research has shown that landowners that hire a professional, independent Consulting Forester receive higher timber sale returns, are left with higher quality residual growing stock, and have less environmental damage than landowners that do not hire a professional, independent Consulting Forester.

Envirotek Credentials:


Bachelor Of Science

UW - Madison 2003


Forestry Consultant in Wisconsin Since 2005.


- Certified Plan Writer

- Cooperating Forester


Wisconsin Consulting Foresters